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Our clients tried to hire great sales people and they usually guessed wrong. Those hiring mistakes cost them tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention lost sales opportunities. They tried sales training, but trainers don't have a magic wand to fix poor sales hiring practices. Their sales organizations underperformed and turnover costs were out of control. Somehow, the great sales people on day one had changed into the inept sellers by their last day of employment. The sales people didn't change they never should have been hired.

Sales Architects helped them stop searching for great sales people and start systematically identifying the RIGHT sales people with the potential to be GREAT in their company. We mitigate the risks and costs associated with painful hiring mistakes by developing the custom processes you need to hire with confidence beyond just gut instinct. Hiring the right sales people leads to peak performance and long tenures. Revenue skyrockets, sales turnover drops ... ensuring a healthy top and bottom line for the company.

We're not a sales recruiting firm. We're not an assessment company. We are experts in process design when evaluating sales talent so you consistently hire the right sales people. We've helped companies of all sizes and can help you too! You receive...







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If your sales team isn't generating the results you expect,
you may have hired the wrong sales people.