We had Lee Salz conduct his 'Differentiators' workshop at our Enterprise Sales Team meeting. In our industry, we don’t create demand, but rather try to get prospects to buy from us instead of the competition. Lee taught our sales team strategies to position our differentiators and engage prospects in a unique way. My team loved this session and really embraced his methodology!
-Ann Losiewski, Director of Enterprise Sales, Hire Right
We asked Lee to present “Building a World-Class Sales Force” at our AA-ISP conference. The feedback was outstanding! As one attendee described it… ‘Intense and good dose of medicine. We had a lackadaisical approach to hiring…he set the record straight.’ I highly recommend Lee and this presentation to anyone responsible for managing and or hiring salespeople.
-Larry Reeves, Chief Operating Officer, American Association of Inside Sales Professionals
The role of salespeople in my company is to knock the current provider out of the account. Sales Architects helped us really understand what makes us unique and taught our salespeople an effective strategy to position differentiators with buyers. Lee helped us uncover ways to get prospects to buy from us and these techniques work!
-Mike Moroz, President/CEO, Walters Recycling and Refuse, Inc.
When I reached out to Sales Architects, I was at somewhat of a crossroads and contemplating the best ways to profitably grow my business. Lee Salz helped me gain clarity on some existing issues, and provided actionable information to take my firm to the next level. He provided a clear sales roadmap that I can implement in my company.
-Marc Fowler, President, Bullseye Media
Lee delivers! We contracted with Lee to keynote our national customer event to speak on hiring, onboarding and compensating salespeople. The feedback on his session was fantastic which we greatly attribute to Lee’s prework and intertwining our culture into his customized presentation.  He’s dynamic, fun, and engaging.
-Peter Dircks, Director of Marketing, Hearth & Home Technologies
We’ve engaged Sales Architects for both strategic and sales-focused initiatives. Each time, we’ve experienced Lee’s skill in thinking through complex problems to develop practical solutions. We used Sales Architects to optimize our sales efforts through their sales metric management strategy to focus our salespeople on the right behaviors. I will continue to use Sales Architects in the future.
-Marc Maloy, SVP of Worldwide Sales, HireRight
I hired Sales Architects to turn around an unproductive sales team member. Initially, I had doubts that Lee could do this, but I was pleasantly surprised. Lee systematically worked through all of the issues and processes that we were doing incorrectly and brought his lineup of tried and true sales systems to the table. Sales Architects will be the first call I make if I have sales issues in the future.
-Ron Anderson, President/CEO, Anderson Systems Integration
Lee’s Adapt & Thrive presentation will resonate with sales people regardless of their experience. From those just starting sales careers to sales professionals with many years experience, Lee’s simple and profound strategies will enrich your whole sales group and help them succeed!
-Dick Reynolds, Sales and Distribution Manager, Flexco
We’ve used Lee’s sales architecture methodology to bring discipline, structure, measurement and a degree of sophistication to our sales effort. We now have a clearly defined strategy, process and tools to pursue new KRM clients.
-Rick Olson, Chief Executive Officer, KRM Information Services
Thanks for speaking at the Dymo Mimio global sales kickoff. We found your Adapt & Thrive! keynote speech to be stimulating, motivating and full of good sense.
-Laurence Huntley, General Manager, Dymo Mimio, A Newell Rubbermaid Company
Sales & Marketing Management was extremely fortunate to have someone of Lee Salz's standing in its corner. A longtime columnist for SMM, as well as a member of its Editorial Advisory Board, his monthly Sales Architects installments demonstrated exactly why he's considered a sales management thought leader.
-Jeremy Cohen, Managing Editor, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine
Lee was instrumental in helping us develop a detailed profile for our ideal salesperson, invaluable as we interview new candidates. In addition, his process for working with us to develop a salesperson on-boarding program was world-class. With these two items in place, we feel very confident we will both find and help a new salesperson succeed quickly.
-Mike Moroz, President, Archway
By implementing Lee’s sales management strategies, our sales staff increased new season ticket sales by 65% over last season. This was accomplished with the same sales team as last season. What was different was our approach to sales management. Lee is a great sounding board, with practical solutions for increasing sales.
-Susan Savage, CEO and Majority Owner, Sacramento River Cats
Lee provided a structured and thoughtful approach to identifying key attributes that are important to our company’s sales process, helped us to create a detailed profile of an ideal sales person and guided us through the creation of our first ever sales onboarding program. He was truly instrumental in the design and development of our new sales process.
-Megan Effertz, Director of Marketing, Archway
Lee Salz provided the strategy and a “roll up your sleeves” approach which helped our sales organization improve significantly our approach to managing the sales process. Lee focused on evolving us from a people-based approach to one which is process-based. Going forward our sales team and, ultimately, our results will benefit from the strategies and processes he helped us develop.
-Alan Ledford, President, Sacramento River Cats
Lee's understanding of the development of sales strategies, marketing business tools and applications are exceptional. Sales Architects is a company that I know I will be doing business with again.
-Ken Mallette, Vice President, Witt Associates, a Global Options Company
I have worked with Lee for a number of years and have found his knowledge of the sales process to be head and shoulders above most sales managers I speak with. His newsletter is packed with useful information and I recommend it highly!
-Harris Cohen, Managing Partner, PrincetonOne
Lee Salz is one of the true sales management thought leaders today. His expertise, energy, and down-to-earth communication style give him the unique ability to help sales organizations reach new levels of performance and excellence.
-Jeb Blount, Founder and CEO of SalesGravy.com
Lee, where were you 20 years ago when I started my career? If I had known you then, I would have eliminated a ton of mistakes and my income would have been a lot higher!
-Sam Richter, President, James J. Hill Reference Library and author “Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling”
I wish I had Lee's guidance when I started my sales career 27 years ago. It removes chance from the buying process and replaces them with a specific, almost scientific business plan.
-Victor Benoun, President, The Mortgage Source, Inc.
I’ve never met someone who positions a sales person for success more effectively than Lee Salz.
-Andrew Macdonald, Group President, First Advantage Corporation
Lee Salz is a sales leader that people follow. I've done business with Lee and his associates in the past, and the people that worked for Lee would jump off a bridge for him.
-Todd Bridges, President, Bridges & Associates
Any B2B sales person who follows Lee’s methodology is bound to sell more effectively.
-Gordon Graham, Editor, SoftwareCEO.com
In the crowded field of sales experts, Lee stands out because he doesn't just write about it, he actually did it, and with great results.
-Bruce Berg, President, Berg Consulting Group
Lee does a great job of breaking down the buying process into tasks that are easily understood and executed.
-Robert Deigh, author of "How Come No One Knows About Us?"
I have personally seen Lee take average performing sales organizations and turn them into top performers over and over again.
-Andy Miller, President, Sales Management Guru
All sales people can improve their performance by using Lee's sales architecture strategy.
-Edward Groark, former President, IKON Office Solutions, Technology Services
Lee was able to impart his sales techniques on his staff and there were measurable, positive sales results.
-Daryl Hancock, Corporate Account Manager, Microsoft Corporation
Lee is a great coach and mentor. His teachings stick so sales people and sales managers can reproduce desired results over and over again which translates into serious, sustainable bottom line performance improvement.
-Deborah Hoffmann, President, The Solutions Group
Lee Salz not only knows what it takes to master the art of sales, he knows how to teach the art of selling in an easy to understand way that can absolutely unlock the master salesperson inside you.
-Josh Hinds, author of Why Perfect Timing is a Myth: Tips for Staying Inspired and Motivated Day in and Day out!
If you want to unclog the bottom of your sales funnel, Lee can help you do it!
-C. Kevin Miller, Midwest Territory Manager, OraSure Technologies, Inc.
Lee details, in no uncertain terms, what today’s sales professionals need to know: how to win at this lonely, challenging profession even when your boss does little or nothing to help you...or even keeps getting in your way.
-Ken Lizotte, Chief Imaginative Officer, Emerson Consulting Group, Inc.
Lee Salz fills in the gap when your sales manager isn’t giving you what you need and gets you back in control of your career.
-Jill Konrath, author of the best selling books "Selling to Big Companies" and "Snap Selling"
Below the dodo sales managers are dodo reps who won't take responsibility for their own success. Don't adapt dangerous dodo thinking. Get this book and discover how to fly above ground bound performers and beyond your present sales success.
-Dan Seidman, President, SalesAutopsy.com
Lee’s mentoring style guides you through a planning process for developing your territory, navigating your way through accounts, presenting, and dealing with the unexpected. Using his sales architecture methodology, you’re sure to adapt and thrive.
-Tina LoSasso - Managing Editor, SalesDog.com
The system Lee teaches -- he calls it sales architecture --is one that you don't need a sales manager to help you implement… In fact, if you're not careful, you'll probably end up BEING the Sales Manager if you learn and apply this stuff.
-Bill Guertin, CEO, The 800-Pound Gorilla
If your sales manager isn’t providing value, Soar! certainly will. The sales architecture presented is practical and proven.
-Clayton Shold, President, Salesopedia
Reading Soar! and following its program is like giving a sales career a shot of high-octane adrenaline!
-Jim Schoonover, Chief Marketing Officer, MEDTOX Scientific, Inc.
I find myself revisiting knowledge that I gained from Soar! and applying it effectively in my business dealings, and am witnessing how it works (and it really does!).
-Drew Sachs, Vice President, James Lee Witt Associates
Lee’s book Soar! will reinvigorate your sales career!
-Paul Nolan, Editor-In-Chief, SalesforceXP
Lee presents sales managers with a toolkit that will greatly enhance their chances for success.
-Orrin Broberg, President, Employee Continuum
Lee has an uncanny ability for untapping the salesperson within.
-Chandrasekhar Valluri, Assistant Professor, St. Mary's University of Minnesota
Under Lee’s guidance and support as a sales manager; my confidence increased, I far exceeded sales quotas, and I tremendously increased my income. If you want to achieve the same results, I would highly recommend his proven sales techniques.
-Maria Maika Damjan, Business Development Manager, EDS
Lee truly helps sales people grab control of their success…
-Robyn M. Sachs, President & CEO, RMR& Associates, Inc.
Throughout my sales career, I must say that Lee Salz was certainly the most influential in driving me to develop as a sales representative.
-Jennifer Runyon, Program Manager, ESI International
Lee Salz is a leading sales management authority for a reason - he identifies what his clients need and he gets results.
-Kristin Osborne, President, Kensington PR

Is Your Sales Compensation Plan Sending the Wrong Message?

Listen Now By Lee B. Salz By Lee B. Salz | October 31, 2011 | Views: 26287

Wondering why your sales people focus on some tasks and not others? The sales compensation plan could be to blame. In this episode of the Sales Management Minute, learn how to avoid this compensation blunder.

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My son David decided he wanted to start playing basketball this year. Saturday was his first game. He was amazing and his team dominated their opponent. All of the parents were on their feet cheering and my David scored his first basket. We outscored the other team 18-2, but… we lost!

How can you lose a game when you are up 18-2? Before the game started, there was a skills competition. Points were allocated for each skill and those points were added to the score. Watching our team during these drills, we fully expected to be on the short-side of the 18-2 score. The kids on the other team smoked ours in all of the skills. As a result, points were added to their game score and they received enough points for them to win the overall game.

At this level, the league emphasizes skill basics over the actual game. They feel it is more important for the kids to develop a solid foundation and so more points are awarded for the team’s performance in the skills competition. This may seem like an illogical system, but this is how the league structured scoring for this season.

Being a supportive parent, I attended all of David’s practices which focused on game-play. Very little time was spent on the skills drills during practice. Clearly, the other team focused on the skills drills. You could argue that the league’s scoring strategy is flawed, but the other team played under the same set of rules. The other team won because their coach had studied the scoring system and focused his team on the activities that led to the award of points.

Consider this story in terms of your sales compensation plan. The plan communicates a message to your sales people. When you present the sales compensation plan to your people; they analyze it ... dissect it ... study it. They are on a quest to determine how "points are awarded." If it is flawed, your team is going to invest its time on activities that are out of alignment with the business’ objectives. You can yell and scream at your sales people or wave a job description in their faces, but nothing directs sales people more than how they make money.

As you develop your next sales compensation plan, make sure the message it communicates is the message you intend.

See you next time on the Sales Management Minute.

About Lee B. Salz

Lee B. Salz is a leading sales management strategist specializing in helping companies build scalable, high-performance sales organizations through hiring the right salespeople, effectively onboarding them, and aligning their sales activities with business objectives through process, metrics and compensation. He is the Founder and CEO of Sales Architects, Business Expert Webinars and The Revenue Accelerator. Lee has authored several books including the award-winning book Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager.  He is a results-driven sales management consultant and a passionate, dynamic speaker. Lee can be reached at lsalz@SalesArchitects.net or 763.416.4321.
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